Exhibitions of our work

Next Exhibition: 5th December to 27th February 2024, Café Ambio, Astley Park, Chorley.


Members who regularly* attend the society’s weekly meetings, get involved and contribute, are entitled to exhibit their paintings in our exhibitions and submit work for inclusion in our website gallery. Our Brinscall H.Q. has a permanent exhibition which is changed at regular intervals.

(*min. once a month or 12 times a year)


2023/24 Exhibitions


One day exhibition and art sale Sunday 24 September 2023 at BWARA, School Lane, Brinscall (Lodge HQ).


2 to 30 October 2023 St Lawrence Church, Union Street, Chorley .


45th Annual Exhibition, 3 to 14 November 2023, Coach House Gallery, Astley Park, Chorley . Open weekdays 12noon – 3pm, weekends 10am – 3pm. Entry FREE.

Visitors to this year’s exhibition took the chance to get creative and contribute to this colourful installation in the reception area. Hopefully many will take the next step and try a FREE visit to one of our weekly meetings!

5th December to 27th February 2024, Café Ambio, Astley Park, Chorley.


6th August to 28th October 2024 at Café Ambio, Astley Park, Chorley.


2022 Exhibitions

44th Annual Exhibition, The Coach House Gallery, Astley Park, Chorley 9th -20th November 2022.

Thursday 10th November 11am to 3pm
Friday 11th November 11am – 3pm
Saturday 12th November 10am – 4pm
Sunday 13th 10am – 4pm
Wednesday 16th 11am – 3pm
Thursday 17th 11am – 3pm
Friday 18th 11am – 3pm
Saturday 19th 10am – 4pm
Sunday 20th 10am – 4pm

Rod Walmsley wins ‘Best in Show 2022’ (l/r Tony Barrow, Rod Walmsley and Mayor of Chorley, Julia Berry.)

Pat Richardson and David Jenkins won ‘Highly Commended’ awards.

Other winners of Highly Commended awards were Lorna Hulme, Val Jones, Loz Lomax and George Horsfield.


Clockwise from top left – Peonies by Lorna Hulme, Highland Mist (digital) by Loz Lomax, Kem Mill, Cuerden by Pat Richardson, Girl Talk by George Horsfield, Farn Islands by David Jenkins, Tryfan by Val Jones.


October 2022

Lodge Artists Chorley present an exhibition of paintings by local artists at:

St. Laurence’s Church, Chorley October 3rd – 31st 2022.

The exhibition is open to view: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 2pm, Saturday 1pm – 4pm, Sunday 12pm – 3pm.

12 paintings sold.


August – November 2022

Café Ambio, Astley Park, Chorley Wednesday 31st August – Monday 21st November 2022. Café opening hours.


September 2022

BWARA, Brinscall (club HQ) – One-Day Exhibition/Sale – Sunday 18th September 2022.

July – August 2022
Avant Garden Centre, Leyland, Wigan Road, Leyland PR25 5XW. Monday 1st July – Tuesday 30th August 2022. Café opening hours.

Avant Garden Centre exhibition now on – until Tuesday 30th August 2022.

December 2021

Café Ambio 7 artists

Lodge Artists were offered the chance for a larger space to themselves in Café Ambio for the three months December 2021 to February 2022 and 7 members applied. As before, any sold are replaced with new asap, so there will hopefully be an ever-changing display.

As they appear around the room: 1. Patsy Todd  2. Jackie  Williams  3. George Horsfield  4. Val Jones  5. Judith Herring  6. Rod Walmsley  7. Bob Carr  Calligraphy.




Val Jones won this year’s People’s Choice Award with her pastel ‘Eilean Donan Castle’ with 27 votes, and took second place as well for ‘Plockton, Scotland’ with 24. Third place went to Rod Walmsley for ‘Skippol Creek’ with 23 votes.

Votes were spread widely over all the paintings and everyone got at least one vote.

Those with 10 or more were as follows:

Pat Richardson ‘Heather’s Out’ – 20

Rod Walmsley ‘Old Railway Bridge’ – 18

Jackie Williams ‘Dunes’ – 15

George Horsfield – ‘Jamie Frazer’ – 15

David Jenkins – ‘Farne Islands’ – 15

Jackie Williams – ‘Octopus’s Garden’ – 14

Rod  Walmsley – ‘Post & Pebbles’ – 13

Pam Williams – ‘Old Town Square’ – 13

Lorna Hulme – ‘Cherries’ – 11

Sue Barnes – ‘Meadow’ – 10

43rd Annual Exhibition, The Coach House, Astley Park, Chorley.

November 2021.

The exhibition was well attended and resulted in 22 sales. Congratulations to: Val Jones(3), Rosie Rimmer(2), Pat Richardson(2), David Jenkins(2), Lorraine Davies, Judith Herring, Julie Harling, Pam Williams, Jackie Williams and Rod Walmsley.


Once Sir Lindsay had called ‘Order!’ to the gathering of members and guests, Jackie Williams, Chairman of Lodge Artists welcomed everyone and handed over to Father Neil to describe how and why he had chosen each winning painting. There were six awards for: Best Pastel, won by ‘Sunbathing’ by Kev Fowler, Best Oil, won by ‘Storm over Bute’ by Roger Gillet, Best Watercolour, won by ‘Esthwaite Water’ by Pam Williams, Best Acrylic, won by ‘Old Railway Bridge’ by Rod Walmsley, Best Drawing won by ‘Til Death do us Part’ by Phil Catterall, and Best Mixed Media, won by ‘Heather’s Out’ by Pat Richardson. When it came to choosing ’Best in Show’ he said he closed his eyes and imagined which of the paintings he had studied he would most want to hang on his wall, and decided it must be a joint award – for one ‘traditional’ and one ‘modern’ – and he chose ‘Colours of Scotland’ by Judith Herring (who was not able to attend) and an abstract ‘Octopus’s Garden’ by Jackie Williams.

Photography courtesy of Ian Fletcher isfphotography

Cafe Ambio, Astley Park, Chorley – 7th September to 7th October 2021.

Cafe opening hours.

One Day Exhibition at B.W.A.R.A. School Lane, Brinscall Sunday 19th September 2021.


Summer Exhibition 2021, St. Laurence Church, Chorley town centre.


Sir Linsday admires paintings by Mike Matulewicz and Roger Gillett in the Summer Exhibition, which runs from 1st June to 31st July 2021.

Opening times:

Tues – Fri: 11am – 2pm (excl. lunchtime service 12.15-12.45 Tues. & Friday)

Sat: 1pm – 4pm (excl. Saturday 5th June – wedding)

Sun: 12noon – 3pm

see all paintings here

You can win this painting of the church by Rod Walmsley (as shown on the poster)! – Raffle tickets on sale in the church shop. All proceeds to church funds.


42nd Annual Exhibition Awards

Now showing in the Astley Park Coach House Virtual Gallery.

This year’s winner of ‘Best in Show’ is Val Jones for her water colour ‘Stable Door’ which also took the ‘Best Watercolour’ award. The judge’s comment was: ‘adventurous, well observed and technically proficient with effective textural qualities’.

‘Best Mixed Media’ was won by Julie Harling for Psychedelic Garden – ‘vibrant, precise and adventurous work’ and Loz Lomax was awarded ‘Best Digital’ for Crail Harbour – ‘well composed adventurous composition with line work creating a vibrancy’.

Graham Sutch’s acrylic Water Lillies in the Pink won ‘Best Acrylic’ – ‘a very competent piece showing great depth through detail and excellent application of media through building layers’. ‘Best Pastel’ was awarded to Jackie Williams for her Astley Hall –‘a detailed piece, well observed with exquisite and careful use of the media’ and ‘Best Oil’ went to Kev Fowler for Charnock Farm –excellent in every respect, well composed with effective perspective. The sky treatment complements the painting of the Farm’

42nd Annual Exhibition 2020 – This year we are VIRTUAL!

Thanks to covid-19 this year’s annual exhibition will be in digital form – a virtual gallery, which will enable everyone to view our paintings and make contact to purchase them. The exhibition will be hosted on the Astley Hall website from 7th to 29th November.

Judging this year will be by Rob Edmondson, who has demonstrated for us in the past and recently appeared on ‘Home is where the Art is’ where he was joint winner.

‘Ashness’ – the completed work.

He will be judging for 7 awards, this year presented as certificates when we next meet. These are: Best in Show, Best Pastel, Best Acrylic, Best Oil, Best Watercolour, Best Mixed Media and Best Digital. 18 members have confirmed they wish to take part and must get their 3 images to Kev Fowler by 21st October. Judging will take place on 22nd October and results will be announced as soon as the gallery is launched (hopefully 1st November) dependent on Astley Hall completing it by then.

Good luck everybody!


Here’s what happened in 2019…………….

41st Annual Exhibition Winners

Best in Show by Graham Sutch – award collected by Mrs. Sutch.

The Ernie Ingham ‘Best Oil Painting’ – Kev Fowler.

Best Pastel – Val Jones.

Best Wildlife – Roger Gillet.

Highly Commended – Pauline Collins.

Highly Commended – George Horsfield.

  Highly Commended – Pat Richardson.

  Highly Commended – Polly Carr.

  Highly Commended – Anne Hoghton.

Highly Commended – Rod Walsmsley.

Exhibitions for 2020

Cafe Ambio, Astley Park – 2nd March – 1st June 2020

Cafe Ambio, Astley Park – 8th September- 1st December 2020

42nd Annual Exhibition – virtual on Astley Hall website